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KYUSOKU BIHAKU GLUTATHIONE / KB , pil pencerah kulit , white

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Posted : 06 / 06 / 2011

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KYUSOKU BIHAKU GLUTATHIONE / KB , pil pencerah kulit , white224



KYUSOKU BIHAKU L-Glutathione 500mg plus NAC and Pure Rosehips Vitamin C has cutting edge formulation to give you what you always wanted from glutathione supplementation. This unique formulation is the first and only oral glutathione supplement to increase the body's efficiency to absorb and produce glutathione
With this KB pack, we guarantee that you'll get better, faster results.
There are different oral glutathione supplements endorsed by specialists and moviestars being sold today. But how can you be sure these supplements are as effective as they say?
THE ACTUAL TRUTHYou see, the body doesn't absorb glutathione effectively when taken orally.
Glutathione is a tri-peptide thiol consisting of three amino acids - Cysteine, Glutamic acid and Glycine...
When taken orally, l-cysteine loses 85% of its sulfur and sulfuhydryl groups during digestion. And sulfur is an active component of glutathione. If sulfur is depleted, less than half of the supplemental glutathione is absorbed by the body.THE REAL GLUTATHIONE BOOSTEROther glutathione supplements say they're formulated with alpha lipoic acid or ALA. They claim ALA is supposed to be a glutathione booster.
But ALA is another form of an unstable amino acid that loses much of its sulfur too. So it's practically useless as a glutathione booster.
To maximize the whitening and rejuvenating effects of glutathione, you need a different kind of glutathione booster...
A glutathione booster that's also a powerful antioxidant by itself...
And it's called NAC or N-Acethyl L-Cysteine.
Studies show that the amino acid NAC has the ability to retain most of its sulfur components. And that means, with enough sulfur retained - NAC can maximize the whitening and rejuvenating effects of glutathione.And in the market today, only one BFAD-approved oral glutathione product comes formulated with NAC.KYUSOKU BIHAKU PLUS NACKyusoku Bihaku is formulated with the optimm dose of NAC that not only boosts the glutathione levels in the body but also makes up for the glutathione components lost during digestion.
Kyusoku Bihaku works best with Pure Rosehips Vitamin C. That's because Pure Rosehips Vitamin C contains 10-100 times more vitamin C than any other kind of food.
Together, Kyusoku Bihaku with Pure Rosehips Vitamin C will give you whiter and younger looking skin faster and more effectively than other oral glutathione products.
Kyusoku Bihaku does not contain rice bran, cornstarch, yeast, soy, artificial color, flavoring or any other extender unlike other oral glutathione products.You must try it to see the wont regret it. proven to be effective and safe
Normal price RM150 not including delivery
Promotion price ------------>
RM120/box or RM235/2 boxes
Kindly pls bank-in 2 : Maybank 157018651834 (Ana Nasyita)
Pls sms name and delivery address to no. 019-3388384 after bank-in.


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Posted : 06 / 06 / 2011
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